Dr. Dennis Episcopo

From Hero to Zero

I’ve been following the JoePa/Jerry Sandusky story, as so many people have, the last several months. Laying aside the sadness of multiple abuses and cover-ups, it is also a story of how someone who was so beloved, can go from hero to zero overnight.

That is how fragile our influence can be. You can spend an entire life building a reputation and increasing your influence, but if you do not maintain your moral and ethical character at a high level, you can go from hero to zero overnight. Human history is full of examples of people lax in “doing the right thing” and have paid a heavy price for it.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from my mentor was this: “Dennis, God has given you a large influence with people. To whom God gives a large influence He also demands a careful obedience.”

The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness

As a follow-up to this week’s sermon series on “Balance” I’d like to suggest some good reading for you. Tim Chester has written an excellent book called The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness. Some of his chapters include "Is Busy Bad?", "Using Your Time Efficiently", and "Sorting out Your Priorities." There are also several chapters which list the excuses people use to staying busy and then the biblical principle that can correct wrong thinking in this area. God might use it as just another way to keep you from the “slavery” of imbalance.

A Sense of Humor

Oswald Sanders wrote a classic book called Spiritual Leadership in the early 1960’s. Chuck Colson calls it the best book on Christian leadership he’s ever read. Sanders said this about humor:

“Criticized for including humor in a sermon, Charles Spurgeon, eye twinkling, said: ‘If only you know how much I hold back you would commend me.’ Humor is a great asset, an invaluable lubricant in ministry life. Indeed, it is the most serious deficiency if a pastor lacks a sense of humor."

Even for some of the greatest writers on leadership, humor is a quality that is mentioned as essential. Keeping a sense of humor is an absolute necessity for a balanced Christian life.

Date Week

Watch the fatigue factor in marriage. Sometimes people are stuck in their relationship because they are so tired and exhausted. Vince Lombardi once said “fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Physical and emotional depletion can render us less able to cope with life’s financial pressures, kids, and relationship issues. I counsel couples often to get away for at least a week – just the two of them and try not to solve any problems during that time. Just relax and experience the trip together. I found that it is always better to plan that vacation adventure in a non-English speaking country where the two of you must depend on each other for communication and care. Just a thought. 

Back on the Blog

After a looooooong absence, I’m back on the blog! One thing I didn’t mention a lot of in my message yesterday was the whole issue of a person’s heart attitude toward sharing their faith.

By this, I mean that a person shares their faith with other people when they really care. I mean, they really, really care about the people around them that don’t know Jesus. They care if they go to heaven or hell. They care about their marriages and their children. They care of the opportunities for kids to hear about Christ and for these parents to build a home based on Godly principles.

Bottom line: If you don’t care, you won’t share. It’s ultimately a matter of your heart. All the sermons and all the training in the world can’t fix a heart that doesn’t give a rip. If you care, you will share.


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Dr. Dennis Episcopo is the Senior Pastor of Appleton Alliance Church and has served in Pastoral ministry for 30 years. Appleton Alliance has grown from 700 to over 4,000 attendees since moving to our current facility in 2003. Currently, the church is completing a 35 million dollar campus and has been designated one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine.

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