Staff Directory

Below is a directory of all staff at Appleton Alliance Church. If you know who you're looking for, feel free to use the quick search tool on the left. If you have any general questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you!

  • Amanda Alberts

    Personal Trainer • (920) 931-1250

  • Yoly Anderson

    Discovery Land BTB2Life Preschool Coordinator • (920) 931-1108

    Yoly has volunteered in children’s ministry for 7 years has been blessed to join the staff as the Discovery Land Preschool Coordinator. She has a passion for teaching children about the love and grace of Jesus. Yoly has been blessed with creativity and she uses that gift when teaching children. ...more

  • Anna Anvelink

    Student Ministries Assistant • (920) 931-1129

    Prior to joining Appleton Alliance Church staff, Anna had been attending Appleton Alliance since 2013. Anna served as a small group leader for the Student Ministries on Wednesday nights. Over time her passion for students grew as she became more involved in the ministry and began assisting on Sunday mornings as...more

  • Sami Barnett-Moore

    Administrative Assistant for Discovery Land • (920) 931-1122

    Prior to joining staff in May of 2013, Sami had been a stay at home mom and volunteering in Discovery Land since 2011. In addition to sharing the gospel with kids, she has a passion for staying connected to Christ and wants the whole world to know Him. She grew up in...more

  • Kirby Bernauer

    3rd-6th Grade Coordinator • (920) 931-1114

    Kirby has attended Appleton Alliance since 2005 and is blessed to work with a dedicated group of staff and volunteers in our AWANA T&T program. She also enjoys serving others through various roles in Discovery Land and Women’s Ministry. She has a passion for helping children and women...more

  • Cheryl Bogdan

    Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care and Community Care • (920) 931-1101

    If you’ve ever stopped into the AAC office you’ve talked with Cheryl. Cheryl has worked as an Administrative Assistant since March 2007. She especially loves to see people helped through the Counseling and Benevolence Ministries. Cheryl and her husband Thomas have lived in the Fox Valley for many years,...more

  • Ryan Borowicz

    Director of Sports Outreach • (920) 931-1109

    Ryan grew up in Green Bay and sports have always been a huge part of his life. After playing college basketball at UW Green Bay, he spent a year playing for a professional team in Perth, Australia. There he was involved in sports ministry through the recreation center and church...more

  • Laura Bricco

    Discovery Land Operations Coordinator • (920) 931-1126

    Laura has been attending AAC since 1999 and on staff since 2006. Prior to joining staff, she volunteered for Discovery Land, Student Ministries, Worship Arts, and Welcome Team. Laura has an Associate Degree in Marketing and another in Hospitality Management. Laura’s favorite thing to do in her free time is to...more

  • Rev. Mark Byrom

    Associate Pastor of Global Connections • 920-931-1138

    Mark has over twenty years of ministry experience with The Alliance. This includes three years serving as a mission/college pastor in Seattle, which was good preparation for nearly fourteen years of ministry in the coffee culture of Bosnia Herzegovina as an international workers with The Alliance. Years of experience...more

  • Bonnie Costello

    Women's Special Events Coordinator • (920) 931-1189

    Bonnie has been coordinating special events for Women’s Ministries for many years and became an official staff member in July of 2012. With a background in food service and home economics, she is blessed to be able to serve the Lord in the areas He has gifted her. Bonnie and...more

  • Karna Cowles

    Welcome Team Coordinator • (920) 931-1196

    Karna is so blessed to be the AAC Welcome Team Coordinator. She has been an active AAC member for 23+ years. The number of attendees and the church size has increased multiple times in her time here and she considers herself blessed to have been a part of this God-appointed process.   ...more

  • Rev. Brian Dainsberg

    Executive Pastor of Church Ministries • (920) 931-1130

    Rev. Brian Dainsberg joined the Appleton Alliance Church staff in 2004 after attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is currently the Executive Pastor of Church Ministries. Pastor Dainsberg enjoys reading, golfing, watching sports (including NASCAR), and most of all spending time with his wife Jedotta, their son, Braylen, and daughter, Taelyr.

  • Katie Daley

    Administrative Assistant for Discovery Land • (920) 931-1112

    Katie grew up in metropolitan Green Bay with a wonderful family who was highly involved in church ministry. Towards the end of her experience at Bryan College in Tennessee, she felt called to a ministry career path. That led her to Appleton Alliance Church in 2010 where Katie worked as a...more

  • Vicki Dernlan

    Student Ministries Assistant

  • Rev. Dan Dinkler

    Associate Pastor of Worship Arts • (920) 931-1105

    After receiving an undergraduate degree in trumpet performance from Nyack College (NY) and a Master’s Degree of Music Education from Columbia University, Reverend Dan Dinkler found himself teaching in a private Christian school in Washington State. It was there in 1989 that he received his call into church ministry. Since...more

  • Daniel Dinkler

    Student Ministries Creative Director • (920) 931-1139

  • Matt Dorn

    Facilites Manager • (920) 931-1119

    Matt’s attended AAC for the last 20 years. He married his high school youth group sweetheart in 2000. They have five children ranging in age from ten to two. For the last fifteen years Matt was employed as a commercial carpenter, specializing in interior systems. Matt was asked to join the...more

  • Bill Douglas

    Director of Operations • (920) 931-1115

    After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Missouri Bill spent 34 years working for consumer products companies at manufacturing sites across the U.S.  Bill retired in 2007 and began what he called his “5 year weekend.” In 2012 Bill returned to work from his “weekend” and joined the AAC...more

  • Pastor A.J. Dudek

    Pastor of Mini-Churches / Xcel Outdoors Director • 920-931-1201

    Over the past twelve years, A.J. has spent most of his time in Estes Park, CO. Growing up in Green Bay allowed for him to experience a love for the outdoors which spawned into a professional career as a fly-fishing and backpacking guide. He travels and speaks at different...more

  • Pastor Brian Episcopo

    Associate Pastor of Student Ministries • (920) 931-1133

    Pastor Brian Episcopo graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries. While there he met his wife, Hannah, and they married in 2010. After graduating in 2008 from IWU, Pastor Episcopo spent three years in various IT and Digital Marketing Management roles at Pierce Manufacturing. In the...more

  • Judy Episcopo

    Director of Women's Ministries • (920) 931-1106

    It was as a student at the University of Cape Town that Judy developed a passion for ministry and went on to attend the Alliance Theological School in Nyack, NY to pursue a Master’s of Divinity. There she met her husband Dennis Episcopo and together they committed to a...more

  • Dr. Dennis Episcopo

    Senior Pastor • (920) 931-1123

    Dr. Dennis Episcopo is the Senior Pastor of Appleton Alliance Church and has served in Pastoral ministry for 30 years. Appleton Alliance has grown from 700 to over 3,000 attendees since moving to our current facility in 2003. Currently, the church is completing a 35 million dollar campus and has been designated one of the...more

  • Carol Grandlienard

    Administrative Assistant for Worship Arts • (920) 931-1124

    Carol grew up on a dairy farm in western Ohio, the youngest of five kids. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University and was employed in the paper industry for 13 years. Her work at Appleton Alliance Church began as a part time assistant in 2002 and has been...more

  • GingerLee Hooley

    Facility Coordinator • 920-931-1117

    After attending Appleton Alliance Church for many years, GingerLee joined the AAC staff in the newly developed role as Facility Coordinator. In her new role, GingerLee provides coordination of daily facility use as well as for special events. In addition, she brings staff oversight to the Medical Team and works...more

  • Lindsay Johnson

    Administrative Assistant for Discovery Land • (920) 931-1132

    Lindsay is a Neenah native. She attended college at UW – Eau Claire where she majored in Organizational Communications. After graduation she returned to the area and started attending AAC. She and her husband, Reed, live in Appleton with their two amazing daughters, Rachel and Hailey and black lab, Raz. She...more

  • Pastor Cal Kanowitz

    Associate Pastor of Young Adults and Community Care • (920) 931-1107

    After receiving a double major in Communications and Bible in 2009 from Northwestern College in Minnesota, Pastor Cal Kanowitz joined Appleton Alliance Church as the Young Adult Pastor. Since joining the staff, Pastor Kanowitz has used his talents and abilities to provide excellent programs and small groups for ages 18-30. Pastor...more

  • Nancy Kremer

    Receptionist • 920-931-1100

    Nancy is thrilled to be working as the receptionist at the Hub Welcome Desk. She loves keeping track of people, talking with staff and visitors, and processing all the phone calls. She is an organized person and enjoys making sure all details of any given responsibility are taken care of....more

  • Leanne Lemons

    Connections Cafe Assistant Manager • 920-931-1200

    Leanne has done many different things from occupational therapy to being a Pampered Chef sales director, but she has never been as excited as she is about her new position as Assistant Manager at the Connections Cafe. Leanne loves to cook in her free time and being a Community Coordinator...more

  • Aimee Lind

    Sports Outreach Assistant • (920) 931-1128

    After graduating from Northwestern College in Minnesota with a double major in Communications and Bible, Aimee worked for UW Sports Ministry in Colorado Springs, CO for three years. UW Sports Ministry equips churches with sports related resources to effectively communicate the gospel. She served as the Media Coordinator there and...more

  • Heidi McGeough

    Student Ministries Program Coordinator • 920-931-1104

    Prior to joining AAC staff, Heidi served as a worship leader in Discovery Land. Over time, she’s grown a passion for Student Ministries and has remained faithful to God’s calling. As the Student Ministries Program Coordinator, she hopes her organizational and communication skills will help build the ministry...more

  • Jeff Miller

    Custodian • (920) 931-1100

  • Dan Mlodzik

    Media Director • (920) 931-1198

    While gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital and Broadcast Communication at UW-La Crosse, Dan had the opportunity to intern at Appleton Alliance Church in the tech department.  After graduating in 2010, Dan joined the staff full time as Media Director. He serves the church through the production of videos as...more

  • Barb Mlodzik

    Manager of Volunteer Services and Administrative Assistant for International Ministries • (920) 931-1140

    Barb Mlodzik is our Volunteer Services Coordinator at Appleton Alliance Church and is anxious to connect congregation members and attenders to positions of service in the church. Her background in communication and counseling equips her with a listening ear and motivation to help people grow in their relationship with the...more

  • Lynn Mullenix

    Receptionist • 920-931-1100

    In July of 1978 Lynn and her family moved to Appleton from Whitewater. By the end of that first year, they had found their church home in Appleton Alliance. Lynn has volunteered in various ministries while attending AAC and currently works at the Welcome Desk during the week. You have probably...more

  • Suzan Myhre

    Clinical Family Therapist • (920) 931-1199

    Suzan Myhre, MSSW, LCSW, LPC, was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Her parents instilled in her a warm sense of family and the desire to help others strengthen their relationships. She attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she received both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree...more

  • Pastor Dennis Pierce

    Assistant Pastor of Worship Arts • 920-931-1136

    Dennis grew up just north of New York City where music became a passion in his life at a young age. Coming to faith in Christ in his 20’s, he realized he wanted to dedicate his life to ministry in service to the local church. Before joining the worship ministry...more

  • Quinn Rechner

    Administrative Assistant for Student Ministries and Young Adults • 920-931-1142

  • Tera Rogers

    Adult Ministries Assistant • (920) 931-1120

    Tera currently supports ministry needs for Adult Ministries, including support for Women’s, Men’s, Senior’s, and Young Adult Ministry. Her goal is to support the Pastors and Ministry leaders in teaching and reaching the adults of our church and community for Christ. She has six years of marketing...more

  • Lindsay Ropella

    Graphics and Communication Administrator • 920-931-1121

    Lindsay has lived most of her life in the Fox Valley area, and began attending Appleton Alliance in 2004 with her family. Over the past 10 years at AAC, Lindsay has been blessed with the opportunity to meet and serve others through volunteering in Discovery Land, and being involved in various small...more

  • Deb Salibi

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade Coordinator • 920-931-1131

    Deb Salibi grew up in a Christian home and made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ in 1983. Since then she has been passionate about people beginning and deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ.  She has been involved in ministry for the past thirty years, but directly in Children’s...more

  • Rev. Dick Schaefer

    Associate Pastor • (920) 931-1100

    Reverend Dick Schaefer began his ministry in 1965 when he was the youth pastor at the Church of the Open Door in Milwaukee. After that he was called to serve in Ft. Wayne, IN. It was there God led him and his family to serve as Alliance missionaries in West Germany....more

  • Lisa Schodorf

    Discovery Land Early Childhood Coordinator • (920) 931-1146

    Lisa has been involved in children’s ministries for over 15 years. Her focus has been on Preschoolers and Early Childhood. Her work includes teaching, planning, organizing, training volunteers, and investing in the eternal lives of young ones. Lisa knows God’s Word can change even young ones and she has...more

  • Kris Smoll

    Director of Discovery Land • (920) 931-1110

    Kris Smoll has been the Director of Discovery Land children’s ministries at AAC since 1993. She was blessed to grow up at AAC in a family who put God first and served as a family in children’s ministries. She graduated from Moody Bible Institute with her degree in Christian...more

  • Ruth Stang

    Discovery Land Awana Preschool Coordinator • (920) 931-1190

    Ruth is a long time AAC member. She has served in various ministries at AAC, and has been with the Awana Cubbie program since it started at the church.

Ruth became a follower of Jesus Christ at age 8. She attended UW in Wausau and completed Evangelical Teacher Training Association courses....more

  • Matt Stanley

    Technical Arts Director • (920) 931-1135

    Matt grew up in the mountains of Virginia. After getting his degree in Communications and Marketing from Virginia Tech, Matt felt called into full-time ministry, specializing in technology and production. After spending five years in technical positions in large churches in Arkansas and Texas, Matt joined the team at Appleton...more

  • Carol Steiner

    Graphic Arts and Communications • (920) 931-1113

    Carol brings 24 years of graphic design experience to Appleton Alliance Church. She has worked with a wide variety of clients to conceptualize, design, and manage promotions for businesses. Before coming on board at AAC in May of 2009, she owned a retail business in Green Bay. She enjoys the exchange of...more

  • Phillip Swan

    Choir Director • (920) 931-1191

    Phillip has been involved in church music ministry for over 30 years. He traveled around the world with a contemporary Christian band for two years (Wings of Light), served full-time as a music and youth pastor in Texas, and has served as a worship leader and choir director in a number...more

  • Pastor Mark Tegtmeier

    Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care • (920) 931-1116

    Before joining the staff at AAC in 2012, Pastor Mark Tegtmeier worked as a professional counselor in various clinical settings. His extensive therapeutic experience along with his deep love for the Lord and compassion for people are evident in his ministry. Pastor Tegtmeier and his wife, Mary Beth, have been married...more

  • Dave Van Stippen

    Custodian • (920) 931-1125

    Dave has been working in Facility Services at AAC for 15 years. Before working at church, he spent 20 years in food service. Dave has been married to Mari for 26 years. Dave and Mari have raised two daughters, Katrina and Leah and now have a son-in-law and a grandson, Traice. Dave enjoys...more

  • Karen Vanden Bush

    Bookkeeper and Operations Assistant • (920) 931-1127

    Karen and her husband, Dan, moved to Appleton from Oconto Falls in 2004. Karen joined the AAC staff in August of 2004 as an Adult Ministries administrative assistant. In February 2011 she moved into the bookkeeping and operations assistant position. She brought nine years of experience to the bookkeeping position from her time...more

  • Christine Vander Zanden

    Executive Secretary • (920) 931-1123

    While Pastor Episcopo has the “the buck stops here” nameplate outside his office, reminding people who the leader is, Christine should have a “the buck gets organized here” sign outside of hers. Not only does she decipher Pastor’s handwriting (a.k.a. chicken scratch), she’s been holding the...more

  • Dana Vanevenhoven

    Administrative Assistant for Sports Ministry • (920)931-1255

    Born and raised here in the Fox Cities, Dana has been actively involved in sports and sport-related activities forever. After graduating with a physical education, coaching, and health degree from UW-Oshkosh, she became a full-time mom and her family’s CEO for 14 years. Given the opportunity to work at the...more

  • Dwight Wickesberg

    Custodian • (920) 931-1100

  • Denise Willis

    Student Ministries Assistant


We base our beliefs on the infallible Word of God, the Bible, which teaches that there is one God, who is infinitely perfect, existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the true God and the true man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He died upon the cross, the Just for the unjust, as a substitutionary sacrifice, and all who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood. He arose from the dead according to the Scriptures. He is now at the right hand of Majesty on high as our great High Priest. He will come again to establish His kingdom, righteousness and peace.

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Staff are available to answer any questions you may have regarding Appleton Alliance Church.

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Appleton Alliance Church
2693 W Grand Chute Blvd
Appleton, WI 54913
(920) 968-0700

Exit Highway 41 at Richmond Street (Hwy 47). Go south on Richmond one block and turn right onto Capitol Drive. Head west on Capitol Drive until you get to Lynndale Avenue and turn right (north) on Lynndale. Go over the overpass, then turn left onto Grand Chute Boulevard.

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Service Times

Sunday Mornings
8, 9:30, and 11 a.m.

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Senior Pastor

Dr. Dennis Episcopo is the Senior Pastor of Appleton Alliance Church and has served in Pastoral ministry for 30 years. Appleton Alliance has grown from 700 to over 3,000 attendees since moving to our current facility in 2003. Currently, the church is completing a 35 million dollar campus and has been designated one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine.

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